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Invitation from the Toastmasters 75 club – 30 and Beyond!

Where were you in 1994?

Certainly not on Google (born in 1998) or Facebook (born in 2004). Maybe not even born at all? Yet, that year, a group of pioneers created Toastmasters 75.

To celebrate this event, we are pleased to invite you to discover the  Toastmasters 75 club, one of the most dynamic and friendly public speaking clubs in Paris by participating in its 30th anniversary !

For 30 years, Toastmasters 75 club has accompanied hundreds of people in their personal and professional journey in the friendly and quiet atmosphere of Forum 104 in Montparnasse. It allowed them to:

  • Learn speaking techniques specific to English by improving their pronunciation, vocabulary and speaking fluency
  • Expand their professional and personal opportunities by teaching them how to communicate with people around the world
  • Expand their network with professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from various sectors
  • Become a champion of eloquence by participating in international spech and evaluation competitions

To mark this event, we invite you to an exceptional evening on Thursday March 21  at 7:30 pm, in the Forum 104.

The program of this evening:

  • Testimonials from former and current members
  • Humorous and inspiring speeches
  • A buffet and a birthday cake
  • A raffle with prizes to win
  • A festive and warm atmosphere


To register for this unforgettable event, follow the link.

WARNING: The number of places being unfortunately limited, we will process requests on a first-come, first-served basis

So, drop Google, drop Facebook, and come to celebrate with us the 30 years of Toastmasters 75 club!

The organizing committee Toastmasters 75


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